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Black Lives Matter

Queer Lives Matter

Free Them All

Free the Land

Sex Work is Work

Reparations Now


At Smith Law, we focus on representing marginalized and under-served communities, which largely consist of communities of color. We bring a uniquely abolitionist lens to defense, limited civil, and family law that is driven by bold and unrepentant client-centered representation.
We work to dismantle systems of oppression.
We work to empower and give voice to community. 

Our Priorities


Client Health
and Well-Being

We put our clients first. We are committed to fighting for your needs and rights. Clients will have the benefit of being represented by an attorney with significant litigation, mitigation, and negotiation experience in multiple Washington State Counties and courts.  

Community Engagement and Support

We are built and driven by community. We understand that people need to feel heard and supported in order to build strong communities. That is why we are in constant dialogue with members from our communities in order to stand and advocate for issues that matter. 

Committed and 
Thorough Advocacy

We are dedicated to bringing our expansive criminal and civil trial, appellate, and motion experience to advocating for your cause as well as the fight for equity and social justice. 



We will stand with you and for you. Contact us at action@thesmithlaw or leave us a message with your questions and/or needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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